Online Radio Broadcasts Give Voice and Support to Sexually Abused Women and Girls

Join us on BlogTalk Radio. My Time To Tell is launching an online Blog Talk Radio outreach program especially targeting women and girls who have experienced more than one occasion of sexual abuse by different people. This tragic occurrence referred to as "Revictimzation" does not have enough support for those who need it. This program is hosted by Dr. Margaret Jamal, a survivor of Revictimization from Child Sexual Abuse. She authored a book entitled, "When Girls Don't Tell" detailing much of her amazing story that spans from a young girl of four years through approximately 18 years of periodic episodes of child molestation and rape until she was 22.

Now Dr. Margaret follows her passion to give voice to other women and girls in hopes of preventing them from continuing in, and even perpetuating a cycle of sexual abuse and destructive behaviors.  Live Broadcasts are Saturdays at 10:00 AM Central Standard Time.  Website is  Click here to connect.

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When Girls Don't Tell

"When Girls Don´t Tell" is an accounting of revictimization told candidly by a female minister who was compelled to reveal her own past experiences after counseling so many young women and girls in recovery programs regarding sexual abuse that started from childhood. She found that sharing her experiences helped to loose the bondage of silence that was festering anger, frustration and destructive behaviors in many of those that she sought to help.

"When Girls Don´t Tell" sheds light on this growing problem (of child sexual abuse and revictimization) as well as offer solutions. It gives insight about some causes, symptoms and behaviors of those experiencing revictimization from child sexual abuse. This writing also addresses how many situations (of revictimization of child sexual abuse survivors) can be avoided altogether.

In addition, "When Girls Don´t Tell" includes a section called "My Time to Tell" that readers can use to begin writing their own journal towards the path to healing from abuse. It allows those who are ready to disclose, the opportunity to express their own experiences. This can greatly help with the process of healing.

Who should buy this book?
* Anyone who has been sexually abused (especially if it has happened repeatedly); or any one who knows someone that has been sexually abused; or anyone who wants to gain an understanding about this critical issue.

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